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Micki + Chris and The Kiddos | Bismarck, ND Maternity Photography

We love this maternity session from last summer! It’s so crazy that Micki and Chris’s new little guy is now almost 6 months old! We are also pretty crazy about the flower crown by Crabapple Floral.dykshoorn-maternity-13dykshoorn-maternity-34dykshoorn2dykshoorn-maternity-50dykshoorn-maternity-23dykshoorn-maternity-162dykshoorn3dykshoorn-maternity-184dykshoorn-maternity-45dykshoorn-maternity-101dykshoorn6dykshoorn-maternity-15dykshoorn-maternity-148dykshoorn-maternity-83dykshoorn-maternity-65dykshoorn-maternity-130dykshoorn3dykshoorn-maternity-29dykshoorn-maternity-115dykshoorn-maternity-117dykshoorn1dykshoorn-maternity-59dykshoorn-maternity-143dykshoorn5dykshoorn-maternity-92dykshoorn-maternity-66dykshoorn-maternity-123dykshoorn4dykshoorn-maternity-158dykshoorn-maternity-177dykshoorn-maternity-106

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Creative Touch Homes | Bismarck, ND Commercial Photography

We got an opportunity to photograph this incredible home by Creative Touch Homes, and we are still in awe of how awesome it was! A slide from the upstairs to the downstairs was a really great feature! Check out the rest of the home and its beautiful features!

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Kylie + Brian | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

Saying Kylie & Brian know how to have fun seriously might be an understatement. Their day was filled with many laughs all despite the drizzly day they were gifted. Also we can’t hate on the fact that tailgating, lots of selfies and some serious dance moves contributed to a great day. Can you two get married all over again so we can experience it again too?!Messer-Holzer-Wedding-3Messer-Holzer-Wedding-6Messer-Holzer-Wedding-11Messer-Holzer-Wedding-29Messer-Holzer-Wedding-31Messer-Holzer-Wedding-67Messer-Holzer-Wedding-93Messer-Holzer-Wedding-96MH3Messer-Holzer-Wedding-111Messer-Holzer-Wedding-109Messer-Holzer-Wedding-122Messer-Holzer-Wedding-117Messer-Holzer-Wedding-128Messer-Holzer-Wedding-129Messer-Holzer-Wedding-134Messer-Holzer-Wedding-141MH1Messer-Holzer-Wedding-153Messer-Holzer-Wedding-159Messer-Holzer-Wedding-164Messer-Holzer-Wedding-162Messer-Holzer-Wedding-168Messer-Holzer-Wedding-179MH9MH10Messer-Holzer-Wedding-203Messer-Holzer-Wedding-225Messer-Holzer-Wedding-232Messer-Holzer-Wedding-379Messer-Holzer-Wedding-367Messer-Holzer-Wedding-381Messer-Holzer-Wedding-375Messer-Holzer-Wedding-446Messer-Holzer-Wedding-443Messer-Holzer-Wedding-464Messer-Holzer-Wedding-476Messer-Holzer-Wedding-483Messer-Holzer-Wedding-500Messer-Holzer-Wedding-522Messer-Holzer-Wedding-553Messer-Holzer-Wedding-561Messer-Holzer-Wedding-619Messer-Holzer-Wedding-625Messer-Holzer-Wedding-626Messer-Holzer-Wedding-632Messer-Holzer-Wedding-662MH5Messer-Holzer-Wedding-699MH7Messer-Holzer-Wedding-719Messer-Holzer-Wedding-766Messer-Holzer-Wedding-767Messer-Holzer-Wedding-792Messer-Holzer-Wedding-809Messer-Holzer-Wedding-811MH2Messer-Holzer-Wedding-799Messer-Holzer-Wedding-818Messer-Holzer-Wedding-814Messer-Holzer-Wedding-873Messer-Holzer-Wedding-884Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1080Messer-Holzer-Wedding-933MH6Messer-Holzer-Wedding-989Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1013Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1014Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1033Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1038Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1041Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1045Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1048Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1081MH8Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1104Messer-Holzer-Wedding-1135

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Bailey | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Bailey is an amazing artist and all around cool chick! We found a giant fallen tree, celebrated autumn and took some awesome senior pictures. Have a great last few months of high school, Bailey…and then go set the world on fire!white-2white1white2white-26white3white-49white-44white-55white-56white-74white-97white4white5white-91white-114white6white-112white-134white-119

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Parker | Bismarck, ND Children Photography

If you look at Parker’s flawless tie he turned 1 and I got to celebrate by taking images of him on a nice fall day! I’ve gotten lucky and have seen Parker and his awesome parents since this and I must say I’m not mad about it. This is one cute family we want coming back for more! -HeidiParkerBetz-1Year-1PB1ParkerBetz-1Year-7addParkerBetz-1Year-10ParkerBetz-1Year-16ParkerBetz-1Year-27ParkerBetz-1Year-17PB2ParkerBetz-1Year-19ParkerBetz-1Year-31ParkerBetz-1Year-32ParkerBetz-1Year-34ParkerBetz-1Year-37ParkerBetz-1Year-38ParkerBetz-1Year-41ParkerBetz-1Year-43ParkerBetz-1Year-46ParkerBetz-1Year-50ParkerBetz-1Year-54ParkerBetz-1Year-58

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