Jessica + Brady | Bismarck, ND Engagement Photography

Jessica and Brady are one pretty sweet couple, they were so kind and calm during our shoot! Hanging out with them was totally the best way to end the night before a few rain drops came in! However, I must say the clouds did not disappoint for their pictures! They must have known these two are in love because they showed us a little love in return!Jessica&Brady-5 copyJessica&Brady-7 copyJessica&Brady-18 copyJessica&Brady-20 copyJessica&Brady-28 copyJessica&Brady-23 copyJessica&Brady-31 copyJessica&Brady-35 copyJessica&Brady-36 copyJessica&Brady-39 copyJessica&Brady-48 copyJessica&Brady-47 copyJessica&Brady-51 copyJessica&Brady-52 copyJessica&Brady-55 copyJessica&Brady-61 copyJessica&Brady-64 copyJBJessica&Brady-68 copyJessica&Brady-79 copyJessica&Brady-87 copyJessica&Brady-90 copyJessica&Brady-96 copyJessica&Brady-92 copyJessica&Brady-94 copyJessica&Brady-104 copyJessica&Brady-106 copy

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Kristen | Bismarck, ND Portrait Photography

Kristen is super awesome for taking the time to come hangout with us for a few hours. She just graduated college and already has a job in her profession! Thats pretty rad! Plus she was so relaxed and chill it made taking photos a breeze! Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we did taking them!

KristenHill-17 copyKristenHill-18 copyKristenHill-14 copyKristenHill-23 copyKristenHill-26 copyKristenHill-28 copyKristenHill-32 copyKristenHill-45 copyKristenHill-43 copyKristenHill-54 copyKristenHill-63 copyKristenHill-61 copyKristenHill-70 copyKristenHill-66 copyKristenHill-74 copyset2

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Humpback Sally’s | Bismarck, ND Commerical Photography

Here is the second half of our session with Lüft and Humpback Sally’s! With Lüft a few floors above, Humpback Sally’s is one of Bismarck’s newest additions and has the coolest vibe. After we were done on the roof, we trekked down to Humpback Sally’s and finished the shoot amongst their awesome decor, food and cocktails! There were so many little dinosaurs details to shoot. So much thought was put into this place (your bill comes in an old book filled with doodles and messages from other patrons!) Check out all of the good times below! luft-humback-sallys-205luft-humback-sallys-188luft-humback-sallys-273humpback1luft-humback-sallys-201luft-humback-sallys-262luft-humback-sallys-344luft-humback-sallys-229humpback6luft-humback-sallys-358luft-humback-sallys-301luft-humback-sallys-289humpback5luft-humback-sallys-270luft-humback-sallys-189humpback4luft-humback-sallys-350luft-humback-sallys-268luft-humback-sallys-206luft-humback-sallys-226luft-humback-sallys-227humpback3luft-humback-sallys-318luft-humback-sallys-249humpback2luft-humback-sallys-360luft-humback-sallys-234luft-humback-sallys-355luft-humback-sallys-364

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Kayde Schafer | Bismarck, ND Portrait Photography

We got a chance to scout some locations, try some different techniques, and most importantly have some fun. Kayde is a good person and has a great attitude on life to back it! She also has a cat tattoo, which makes her pretty cool in our book.

Kayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-3 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-4 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-7Kayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-11 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-12 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-15 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-18 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-20 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-31 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-35 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-39 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-38 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-42 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-44 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-46_Y6A2807 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-55 copy_Y6A2866 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-58 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-59 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-64 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-66 copy_Y6A2868-Edit copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-67 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-69 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-71 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-74 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-81 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-84 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-87 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-88 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-91 copyKayde Schafer's Photo Shoot-92 copy



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Kit is One!? | Bismarck, ND Family Photography

Time flies! Sweet little Kit is already one. I can hardly believe it. He (and his sweet mom and dad) are favorites of ours and his one year session was just as adorable as ever! We all got together on his actual birthday and Kit was all smiles! He had his very own cake, so that could have been a part of it.dykshoorn-kit-1year-1kit1dykshoorn-kit-1year-31dykshoorn-kit-1year-19dykshoorn-kit-1year-52dykshoorn-kit-1year-46kit2dykshoorn-kit-1year-60dykshoorn-kit-1year-61dykshoorn-kit-1year-49dykshoorn-kit-1year-4kit3dykshoorn-kit-1year-90dykshoorn-kit-1year-91dykshoorn-kit-1year-97dykshoorn-kit-1year-100dykshoorn-kit-1year-99kit6dykshoorn-kit-1year-120dykshoorn-kit-1year-122dykshoorn-kit-1year-126kit5dykshoorn-kit-1year-127dykshoorn-kit-1year-133dykshoorn-kit-1year-138

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Alli + Jay | Bismarck, ND Engagement Photography

Have you heard about the corduroy pillow case? It’s making headlines, just like this awesome couple! I may have added a little more at the end of that joke, but its so true! You always know it’s going to be a great engagement shoot when the jokes are shared from the start! We loved walking around Sleepy Hallow Park with Alli & Jay, it is a place that is literally close to home! Living near by, these two have enjoyed many walks here before, so we couldn’t have been more excited that they let us tag along! Alli&Jay-5 copyAlli&Jay-12 copyAlli&Jay-19 copyAlli&Jay-27 copyAlli&Jay-29 copyset2 copyAlli&Jay-45 copyAlli&Jay-55 copyAlli&Jay-59 copyAlli&Jay-62 copyAlli&Jay-63 copyAlli&Jay-68 copyAlli&Jay-71 copyAlli&Jay-77 copyAlli&Jay-76 copyset3 copyAlli&Jay-81 copyAlli&Jay-86 copyset1Alli&Jay-101 copyAlli&Jay-108 copyAlli&Jay-109 copy

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