Meet Kristen! | Bismarck ND Photographers

We are excited for Kristen to join our amazing team as a photographer and she is looking forward to working with you! Here’s some info about Kristen:

Kristen has a huge heart for travel, new experiences, and family. Much of her inspiration comes from passionate people who are jazzed about life (it’s contagious!) and loves being able to capture moments that matter to them in return. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, adventuring, and making hand-bound books.

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Brook and Matthew’s Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes!


Brook and Matthew’s wedding has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes! Take a look HERE!


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Fireflour Pizza + Coffee | Bismarck, ND Commercial Photography

We would be very shocked if this post doesn’t make you thirsty or hungry! Check out all the fun we had at Fireflour. And take note, no pizzas were harmed in the making of these images….until after the photoshoot.fireflour-shoot2-22fireflour-shoot2-8fireflour-1fireflour-7fireflour-52fireflour-shoot2-40fireflour-148fireflour-14fireflour-shoot2-13fireflour-55fireflour-57fireflour-35fireflour-37fireflour-shoot2-35fireflour-66fireflour-87fireflour-156fireflour-68fireflour-78fireflour-101fireflour-82fireflour-84fireflour-shoot2-29fireflour-92fireflour-105fireflour-96fireflour-113fireflour-144fireflour-shoot2-3fireflour-108fireflour-118fireflour-128fireflour-125fireflour-130fireflour-142fireflour-141fireflour-shoot2-30fireflour-shoot2-43

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Gracie! | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Gracie had two sessions in the summer and fall for her senior pictures, and we did nothing but laugh and laugh and laugh!


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Megan and Nolan’s Wedding on Junebug Weddings!

strube-schwartz-105Megan and Nolan’s wedding has been featured on Junebug Weddings! Take a look published-on-what-junebug-loves-black-150

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Mason | Bismarck, ND Children Photography

Always cute and ready to move! We just love 1 year olds, especially Mason! I mean look at those blonde curls, you can tell just by looking at him he is one cool little dude!2MasonH-1year-1MasonH-1year-2MasonH-1year-6MasonH-1year-9M1MasonH-1year-15MasonH-1year-19M2MasonH-1year-32MasonH-1year-25M3MasonH-1year-29MasonH-1year-24M4MasonH-1year-35

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