Kit is One!? | Bismarck, ND Family Photography

Time flies! Sweet little Kit is already one. I can hardly believe it. He (and his sweet mom and dad) are favorites of ours and his one year session was just as adorable as ever! We all got together on his actual birthday and Kit was all smiles! He had his very own cake, so that could have been a part of it.dykshoorn-kit-1year-1kit1dykshoorn-kit-1year-31dykshoorn-kit-1year-19dykshoorn-kit-1year-52dykshoorn-kit-1year-46kit2dykshoorn-kit-1year-60dykshoorn-kit-1year-61dykshoorn-kit-1year-49dykshoorn-kit-1year-4kit3dykshoorn-kit-1year-90dykshoorn-kit-1year-91dykshoorn-kit-1year-97dykshoorn-kit-1year-100dykshoorn-kit-1year-99kit6dykshoorn-kit-1year-120dykshoorn-kit-1year-122dykshoorn-kit-1year-126kit5dykshoorn-kit-1year-127dykshoorn-kit-1year-133dykshoorn-kit-1year-138

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Alli + Jay | Bismarck, ND Engagement Photography

Have you heard about the corduroy pillow case? It’s making headlines, just like this awesome couple! I may have added a little more at the end of that joke, but its so true! You always know it’s going to be a great engagement shoot when the jokes are shared from the start! We loved walking around Sleepy Hallow Park with Alli & Jay, it is a place that is literally close to home! Living near by, these two have enjoyed many walks here before, so we couldn’t have been more excited that they let us tag along! Alli&Jay-5 copyAlli&Jay-12 copyAlli&Jay-19 copyAlli&Jay-27 copyAlli&Jay-29 copyset2 copyAlli&Jay-45 copyAlli&Jay-55 copyAlli&Jay-59 copyAlli&Jay-62 copyAlli&Jay-63 copyAlli&Jay-68 copyAlli&Jay-71 copyAlli&Jay-77 copyAlli&Jay-76 copyset3 copyAlli&Jay-81 copyAlli&Jay-86 copyset1Alli&Jay-101 copyAlli&Jay-108 copyAlli&Jay-109 copy

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Lüft | Bismarck, ND Commercial Photography

Here we go!

We are pretty psyched to share some photos we got to shoot for Lüft a few weeks ago! Downtown Bismarck is booming right now, and it’s awesome to have a rooftop bar. Lüft does not disappoint! When they asked us to shoot the photos for their upcoming website, we were pretty darn excited. It also didn’t hurt that everyone we worked with was super awesome and super talented. We also took a boatload of photos of Humpback Sally’s, the companion bar to Lüft that’s just a couple of floors down! We’ll be blogging all of their photos in a few days!luft-humback-sallys-6luft-humback-sallys-1luft-humback-sallys-9luft1luft-humback-sallys-45luft-humback-sallys-118luft-humback-sallys-73luft-humback-sallys-67luft2luft-humback-sallys-182luft-humback-sallys-162luft-humback-sallys-58luft-humback-sallys-114luft-humback-sallys-22luft-humback-sallys-140luft-humback-sallys-173luft3luft-humback-sallys-121luft-humback-sallys-51luft-humback-sallys-68luft-humback-sallys-71luft-humback-sallys-111luft4luft-humback-sallys-166luft-humback-sallys-14luft-humback-sallys-149luft-humback-sallys-130luft-humback-sallys-176luft-humback-sallys-97luft5luft-humback-sallys-155luft-humback-sallys-12luft-humback-sallys-157luft-humback-sallys-54luft-humback-sallys-106luft-humback-sallys-158

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Here’s to a Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from us to all of you!

We hope everyone has an amazing and safe weekend!

Let’s go celebrate America, y’all.ana-for4th-1

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Isabella | Bismarck, ND Baby Photography

IsabellaAustin-6Month-3 copyIsabellaAustin-6Month-11 copyIsabellaAustin-6Month-6 copyIsabellaAustin-6Month-15 copyIsabellaAustin-6Month-22 copyduo1IsabellaAustin-6Month-36 copyIsabellaAustin-6Month-41 copydou2IsabellaAustin-6Month-53 copyIsabellaAustin-6Month-56 copyIsabellaAustin-6Month-66 copy

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