Josie | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Josie’s senior session was on point! Besides the fact she was crowned Miss North Dakota Teen for 2014 (SO COOL!), Josie and I still would of  had a fun and relaxed session! Josie’s natural and outgoing personality shinned throughout our time together. Even though it might not have been her first time in front of a camera, how many times can you say you graduated high school with some killer senior photos?! JosieHettich-Senior-10jh1JosieHettich-Senior-27jh9JosieHettich-Senior-45jh2JosieHettich-Senior-63JosieHettich-Senior-73jh3JosieHettich-Senior-80JosieHettich-Senior-105JosieHettich-Senior-107JosieHettich-Senior-111jh4JosieHettich-Senior-127JosieHettich-Senior-132JosieHettich-Senior-136JosieHettich-Senior-142jh5JosieHettich-Senior-151jh6JosieHettich-Senior-179jh7JosieHettich-Senior-248JosieHettich-Senior-201JosieHettich-Senior-243JosieHettich-Senior-236JosieHettich-Senior-240

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Cassidy | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography


It was so hard to choose favorites from Cassidy’s three hour senior session! It was so much fun that I still don’t think our time was long enough together. She was so laid back and relaxed that its hard to believe she doesn’t do this more often! Enjoy your senior year Cassidy!CassidyWilhelm-Senior-4CassidyWilhelm-Senior-13CW8CassidyWilhelm-Senior-54CassidyWilhelm-Senior-51CW2CassidyWilhelm-Senior-73CassidyWilhelm-Senior-78CassidyWilhelm-Senior-97CW7CassidyWilhelm-Senior-81CassidyWilhelm-Senior-134CassidyWilhelm-Senior-159CW6CassidyWilhelm-Senior-166CW9CassidyWilhelm-Senior-190CassidyWilhelm-Senior-200CW4CassidyWilhelm-Senior-225CassidyWilhelm-Senior-229CassidyWilhelm-Senior-251CW5CassidyWilhelm-Senior-259

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Chris + Hillary | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

Before I got a job at this super rad studio, I had some shoots booked. Chris & Hillary were one of those shoots. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their wedding! If you want to check out the full post on my personal blog, click HERE!


Chris & Hillary Wedding-14 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-29 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-40 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-43 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-49 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-55 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-68 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-75 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-92 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-94 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-104 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-133 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-138 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-143 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-152 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-217 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-234 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-298 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-299 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-308 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-315 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-318 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-342 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-356 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-397 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-418 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-450 copy Chris & Hillary Wedding-500 copy




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Kat Perkins Concert | Bismarck, ND

Kat Perkins came to Bismarck and put on a great show at the Rock the Bowl event! We are so happy to share some images from her meet & greet and the show with you guys. We love watching and supporting artists from North Dakota!

IMG_6409 copy2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

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Cassady | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

I’m not sure, but I think Cassady might be my spirit animal. She is so sweet and effortlessly cool, with awesome hair and a love for Harry Potter. I don’t think it gets much better than that, folks. We laughed and laughed and laughed and shot some pretty killer photos at her senior session. Have an amazing senior year, Cassady!

– Quinnhope-3hope-18hope-30cassady1hope-36hope-47cassady2hope-61hope-69cassady3hope-79cassady4hope-94hope-99hope-107hope-116cassady5hope-110hope-117cassady6hope-142hope-149hope-153hope-180cassady3-8hope-165hope-199hope-202hope-210hope-207hope-213cassady7hope-235

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Featured | Ever Ours

Oh boy, oh boy! Ever Ours is one of our FAVORITE blogs around! We are super pumped that today they featured Jadea and Drew’s shoot in their apartment. Thanks to Lydia for sharing the photos and for all the sweet words!

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Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.39.18 AM

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