2013 Harbor Drive | Bismarck, ND Commercial Photography

Pat Koski asked us to photograph a beautiful home located on the Missouri River in Southport. You can find more about Pat by clicking right here!  You should also look at his Facebook page and give it a like! This gorgeous home is for sale and it could be yours! 1 copy 2 copy 3 copy 4 copy 5 copy 6 copy 7 copy 8 copy 9 copy 10 copy 11 copy 12 copy 13 copy 14 copy 15 copy 16 copy  18 copy 19 copy 20 copy 21 copy 22 copy 23 DUO 24 copy 26 copy 27 copy 28 copy 29 copy 30 copy 31 copy 32 copy 33 copy 34 copy 35 copy 36 copy 37 copy 38 copy 39 copy 40 copy 41 copy 42 copy 43 copy

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Kimberly + Ross | Bismarck, ND Engagement Photography

Whoever said a wedding was for the weekend? Kimberly & Ross are getting married in one week and we are super excited to get to join these two during the week to help them capture all the moments! But for now to get us through the wait here are a couple images from their engagement shoot, Cheers!Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-2Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-6Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-9Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-10Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-11Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-21kr1Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-27Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-34Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-39Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-42Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-44Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-50Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-51Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-49Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-56Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-70Kimberly&Ross-Engagement-76

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Cloey | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Cloey is extra adorable and so much fun was had at her session! She came armed with an adorable sun hat, an infectious smile and was down for wading through mysterious shoulder-high grass anything! It was also awesome to sneak in a few photos with her older sister (whose photos we took a few years ago!) at the end of the shoot!cloey-9cloey-23cloey1cloey-37cloey-48cloey-38cloey2cloey-77cloey-90cloey-95cloey-96cloey-100cloey-125cloey4cloey-128cloey-131cloey-146cloey-147cloey-155cloey-171cloey3cloey-187cloey-211cloey5

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North Dakota Oil and Energy Photography

Here is a small sample of some photographs of our most recent oil and energy commercial photography!Follow the Barrel tour with Hess Corporation and Inc Design for MAFB Officials-4 Follow the Barrel tour with Hess Corporation and Inc Design for MAFB Officials-79 Follow the Barrel tour with Hess Corporation and Inc Design for MAFB Officials-77 Follow the Barrel tour with Hess Corporation and Inc Design for MAFB Officials-72 Follow the Barrel tour with Hess Corporation and Inc Design for MAFB Officials-70Hess Corporation August 2014 Tour-106 copyRamberg Trucking Facility In Tioga ND and Mentor MN Propane Storage Facility for Hess Corporation-4 copyRamberg Trucking Facility In Tioga ND and Mentor MN Propane Storage Facility for Hess Corporation-20 copy

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Julie + Garrett | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to capture all the awesomeness of Julie & Garrett’s big day! From the first look to an outdoor ceremony, it was just all sorts of perfect. Here is a little snip-it from the start to finish where “cutting a rug” was indeed a thing! With that, we just want to say thank you again to Julie & Garrett for letting us join, Cheers!Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-6Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-14Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-9LH8Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-41Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-43Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-47Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-63lh2Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-74Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-95Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-96Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-133LH6Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-129LH5Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-198Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-174LH7Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-196LH3LH2Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-243Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-265Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-245LH9Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-283Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-289Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-313LH1Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-406Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-424Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-427Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-459Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-476Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-486Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-495Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-499LH4Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-522Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-533Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-542Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-550Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-567Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-572Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-591Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-593Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-601Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-743LH10LH12Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-767Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-718LH14Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-809Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-839Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-834LH11Lowe-Horntvedt-Wedding-826



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AK | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Finally! We’ve blogged again. We’re back with AK’s rad senior session. So much fun and great energy happened at this shoot. We started at the always awesome Co-Studio and then made our way around Bismarck and laughed the whole way! AK is such a sweetheart and is going to set the world on fire!ak-15koebele1ak-34ak-23ak-40koebele2ak-52ak-80koebele3ak-125ak-141ak-116koebele4ak-146ak-147ak-163koebele5ak-157ak-183ak-185ak-193ak-199ak-200koebele6ak-214ak-216ak-222ak-244koebele9ak-251ak-259ak-267koebele7ak-288ak-290ak-294ak-299ak-303ak-306ak-309ak-314ak-315koebele10ak-340ak-367koebele11ak-343ak-354ak-356ak-380ak-375koebele13ak-385ak-413koebele12ak-411

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