Kylie + Brian | Bismarck, ND Engagement Photography

So Kylie and Brian are basically a pretty awesome couple. Reason one, they are in love and we always think thats cool. Number two, they know how to make each other laugh. We love photo shoots where there is a non-stop laughter all around and thats exactly what this was! We definitely cannot wait until we get to join them again for their big day! Enjoy!Messer-Holzer-Engagement-3 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-6 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-7 copyK&B1 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-14 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-16 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-20 copyK&B3 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-28 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-26 copyK&B5 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-35 copyK&B4 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-43 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-41 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-49 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-52 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-66 copyK&B2 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-75 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-82 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-83 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-88 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-90 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-95 copyMesser-Holzer-Engagement-103 copy

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Adventures in Tilt-Shift | Bismarck, ND Portrait Photography

Look! Ben and Heidi skipped out of work on a beautiful day to go adventure with the studio’s tilt-shift lens! What is tilt-shift you ask? Well for starters it’s just an awesome lens, but it does create some really cool in-camera effects that we honestly just love. It was originally designed for architecture photography but portrait photographers have adopted it for their own creative ways! It creates a blur effect that can be subtle or very dramatic, to each their own! Check out how these two used the lens!BenG-1 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-3 copyBenG-5 copyBenG-8 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-1 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-10 copyBen1 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-15 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-20 copyBenG-12 copyBenG-14 copyBen2 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-25 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-30 copyBenG-24 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-31 copyHeidis Shoot by Ben-32 copyBenG-28 copyB&H copy

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Todd + Sarah | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

We love Sarah and Todd! They were our first wedding of the summer (our first wedding in 6 months!) and we couldn’t have asked for a better couple to get back into the swing of things. The day was filled with so much love, so much happiness and so many butterflies! Thanks to Sarah and Todd for being so adorable and having us be with you on your wedding day!neigum-ternes-59neigum-ternes1neigum-ternes-31neigum-ternes2neigum-ternes-1neigum-ternes-5neigum-ternes-16neigum-ternes-74neigum-ternes-73neigum-ternes3neigum-ternes-116neigum-ternes-105neigum-ternes-126neigum-ternes-124neigum-ternes-129neigum-ternes4neigum-ternes-150neigum-ternes5neigum-ternes-171neigum-ternes-168neigum-ternes-172neigum-ternes-174neigum-ternes-179neigum-ternes6neigum-ternes-186neigum-ternes-191neigum-ternes7neigum-ternes-211neigum-ternes-213neigum-ternes-238neigum-ternes8neigum-ternes-229neigum-ternes-256neigum-ternes-261neigum-ternes9neigum-ternes-263neigum-ternes-272neigum-ternes-278neigum-ternes-279neigum-ternes-280neigum-ternes-281neigum-ternes-483neigum-ternes-421neigum-ternes-427neigum-ternes-399neigum-ternes-410neigum-ternes-423neigum-ternes10neigum-ternes-450neigum-ternes-461neigum-ternes-465neigum-ternes11neigum-ternes-482neigum-ternes-485neigum-ternes-497neigum-ternes-506neigum-ternes-505neigum-ternes-527neigum-ternes12neigum-ternes-551neigum-ternes-558neigum-ternes-562neigum-ternes-567neigum-ternes-575neigum-ternes-590neigum-ternes13neigum-ternes-623neigum-ternes-628neigum-ternes-634neigum-ternes-639neigum-ternes-640neigum-ternes-645neigum-ternes14neigum-ternes-638neigum-ternes-654neigum-ternes-671neigum-ternes15neigum-ternes-688neigum-ternes-701neigum-ternes-700neigum-ternes-707neigum-ternes16neigum-ternes-778neigum-ternes-784neigum-ternes-773neigum-ternes-790neigum-ternes-795neigum-ternes17neigum-ternes-813neigum-ternes18neigum-ternes-851neigum-ternes19neigum-ternes-889neigum-ternes-933neigum-ternes-954neigum-ternes20neigum-ternes-957neigum-ternes-929

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Henry | Bismarck, ND Children Photography

We have so much love for Henry! He is extra adorable and one of a kind. He and his mom are a few of our favorite people, and it was a blast to take some photos to celebrate his first birthday!henry-1year-4henry1henry-1year-10henry-1year-34henry-1year-63henry-1year-46henry2henry-1year-23henry-1year-9henry3henry-1year-64henry-1year-16

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Jessica + Brady | Bismarck, ND Engagement Photography

Jessica and Brady are one pretty sweet couple, they were so kind and calm during our shoot! Hanging out with them was totally the best way to end the night before a few rain drops came in! However, I must say the clouds did not disappoint for their pictures! They must have known these two are in love because they showed us a little love in return!Jessica&Brady-5 copyJessica&Brady-7 copyJessica&Brady-18 copyJessica&Brady-20 copyJessica&Brady-28 copyJessica&Brady-23 copyJessica&Brady-31 copyJessica&Brady-35 copyJessica&Brady-36 copyJessica&Brady-39 copyJessica&Brady-48 copyJessica&Brady-47 copyJessica&Brady-51 copyJessica&Brady-52 copyJessica&Brady-55 copyJessica&Brady-61 copyJessica&Brady-64 copyJBJessica&Brady-68 copyJessica&Brady-79 copyJessica&Brady-87 copyJessica&Brady-90 copyJessica&Brady-96 copyJessica&Brady-92 copyJessica&Brady-94 copyJessica&Brady-104 copyJessica&Brady-106 copy

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Kristen | Bismarck, ND Portrait Photography

Kristen is super awesome for taking the time to come hangout with us for a few hours. She just graduated college and already has a job in her profession! Thats pretty rad! Plus she was so relaxed and chill it made taking photos a breeze! Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we did taking them!

KristenHill-17 copyKristenHill-18 copyKristenHill-14 copyKristenHill-23 copyKristenHill-26 copyKristenHill-28 copyKristenHill-32 copyKristenHill-45 copyKristenHill-43 copyKristenHill-54 copyKristenHill-63 copyKristenHill-61 copyKristenHill-70 copyKristenHill-66 copyKristenHill-74 copyset2

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