Holly + Matt + Rachael | Bismarck Family Photography

Holly, Matt and Rachael are siblings and had us shoot some photos for their parents’ wedding anniversary! Besides all being ridiculously good looking, they are also super hilarious! We truly spent more time laughing than anything else. Their big personalities and love for each other made for a fun shoot and some pretty rad photos!hansana-3hansana1hansana-8hansana-9hansana-15hansana-119hansana-136hansana-36hansana2hansana-21hansana-130hansana-41hansana-103hansana-48hansana3hansana-23hansana4hansana-27hansana-50hansana-95hansana-61hansana5hansana-122hansana-52hansana-153hansana-135hansana6hansana-149hansana-152hansana-163

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Tayler | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Let’s talk about how awesome Tayler is. We had a blast roaming around downtown Bismarck taking her senior pictures! She has such a cool style and was down for anything! smart-3tayler1smart-9smart-12tayler2smart-30smart-43smart-32smart-48smart-58smart-53smart-64tayler3smart-70smart-77smart-80smart-90smart-96smart-104tayler4smart-118tayler5smart-137smart-149smart-161smart-163smart-168smart-175smart-160smart-185tayler6smart-187smart-193smart-230tayler7smart-221smart-224smart-225

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Congratulations to all of you seniors! You made! You did it! You graduated!

We wanted to take this time to tell you how proud we are of you and to wish you the best in all of your future adventures!

grid copy

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Featured | On to Baby

On to Baby featured Micki, Chris and Kit’s shoot in their greenhouse today! On to Baby is such an adorable blog and we are always so excited when they feature our work!

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Or click here to see our original blog post of the adorable family!

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.16.39 PM

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Christa + Jarryd | Medora, ND Engagement Photography

I can’t help but completely and totally smitten with this engagement shoot in the Badlands! Christa and Jarryd contacted us from their home in Nebraska and we were so pumped to meet them out in Medora and shoot their session! The majority of Medora was closed for the season, so it was fun to wander around the empty streets before trekking out into Theodore Roosevelt National Park!  Christa and Jarryd were such troopers, hiking up every hill and butte we made them hike (in an amazing red dress, no less!) and then shooting until the sun went down. Thanks for being completely awesome you guys! This was shot with a combination of digital and Kodak Portra 400 film.

christa-jarryd-2 christa-jarryd-3christa-jarryd1 christa-jarryd-16 christa-jarryd-21 christa-jarryd-28 christa-jarryd2 christa-jarryd-37 christa-jarryd-52 christa-jarryd-56 christa-jarryd-64 christa-jarryd3 christa-jarryd-74christa-jarryd-95 christa-jarryd-116christa-jarryd-98 christa-jarryd4 christa-jarryd-107  christa-jarryd-129 christa-jarryd-132 christa-jarryd5 christa-jarryd-125 christa-jarryd-139 christa-jarryd-146 christa-jarryd6 christa-jarryd-149 christa-jarryd-150 christa-jarryd-155 christa-jarryd-183christa-jarryd-165 christa-jarryd-176 christa-jarryd-191 christa-jarryd-194 christa-jarryd7 christa-jarryd-198 christa-jarryd-216000035780006 copychrista-jarryd8  christa-jarryd-204 christa-jarryd-190christa-jarryd-222000035780008 copychrista-jarryd-231 christa-jarryd-236 christa-jarryd-243  christa-jarryd-247 christa-jarryd-257christa-jarryd-261christa-jarryd-263christa-jarryd-265christa-jarryd9christa-jarryd-267christa-jarryd-276christa-jarryd-279christa-jarryd10christa-jarryd11christa-jarryd-297christa-jarryd-298christa-jarryd-300christa-jarryd12christa-jarryd-322christa-jarryd-339christa-jarryd13christa-jarryd-343christa-jarryd14christa-jarryd-351christa-jarryd-357christa-jarryd-361

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Alex + Rick (and baby!) | Bismarck, ND Maternity Photography

We shot Alex and Rick’s wedding a few years ago and now they’re expecting a baby! These two came and hung out with us at Co-Studio here in Bismarck and we had a blast shooting their maternity photos! Alex is one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies we’ve ever seen. TRUTH. We can’t wait to meet their new little one soon!mathern-2mathern-8mathern1mathern-11mathern-19mathern-37mathern2mathern-39mathern-53mathern-56mathern3mathern-63mathern-66mathern6mathern-88mathern-119mathern4mathern-101mathern-103mathern-108

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