Katie + Brooks | Bismarck, ND Engagement Photography

Looking back on this engagement session with Katie and Brooks really makes me miss the vibrant colors of summer! The nice overcast day we had also made for some beautiful light to shed onto these two. Thanks Katie and Brooks for the memories of warm summer days and especially for the memories of kindness and laughs shared from you! – HeidiKatie&Brooks-Engagement-4KB1Katie&Brooks-Engagement-7Katie&Brooks-Engagement-11Katie&Brooks-Engagement-23KB5Katie&Brooks-Engagement-49Katie&Brooks-Engagement-46KB3Katie&Brooks-Engagement-66Katie&Brooks-Engagement-59Katie&Brooks-Engagement-79KB4Katie&Brooks-Engagement-81Katie&Brooks-Engagement-89Katie&Brooks-Engagement-88Katie&Brooks-Engagement-103Katie&Brooks-Engagement-116Katie&Brooks-Engagement-109Katie&Brooks-Engagement-124Katie&Brooks-Engagement-139Katie&Brooks-Engagement-131

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Molly + Damian | Bismarck ND Engagement Photography

It seems like so long ago when I was able to walk around downtown in just a light jacket. Lucky for me, I got to spend one of the last few fall days with Molly & Damian for their engagement session! These two were so kind and up for anything, I wish I could have spent more time with them! – HeidiMolly&Damian-Engagement-5Molly&Damian-Engagement-3Molly&Damian-Engagement-14Molly&Damian-Engagement-12MD1Molly&Damian-Engagement-17Molly&Damian-Engagement-26Molly&Damian-Engagement-59Molly&Damian-Engagement-45MD2Molly&Damian-Engagement-73


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Trisha + Jeff | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

Trisha and Jeff are wonderful people. We could really feel the love on their special day, and we are so happy for them! We battled the rain, had a lot of fun, and made some great images with them on their wedding day! Enjoy!

Buechler-Baum Wedding-1 copyBuechler-Baum Wedding-9 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-11 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-30 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-36 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-37 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-38 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-43 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-55 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-62 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-65 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-71 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-76 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-90 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-92 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-100 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-103 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-108 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-112 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-118 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-121 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-122 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-136 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-153 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-190 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-191 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-195 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-224 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-227 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-245 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-250 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-251 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-253 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-318 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-330 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-341 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-348 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-382 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-383 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-487 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-488 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-491 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-501 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-520 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-530 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-546 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-548 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-556 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-560 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-565 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-574 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-579 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-599 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-600 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-602 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-610 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-613 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-616 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-665 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-703 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-708 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-713 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-730 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-732 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-740 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-741copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-754 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-787 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-794 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-800 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-802 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-831 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-835 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-839 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-852 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-868 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-879 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-898 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-902 copy Buechler-Baum Wedding-904 copy

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Where should I take my Headshot or Portrait?

Glasser Images Studio

The studio is located in Bismarck, North Dakota. The great outdoors are our first love, but we are North Dakota natives so we know how the weather can be. For year-round photo shoots, we have studio space available. Our hours are by appointment so please call ahead to schedule a visit!

_MG_1964 _MG_6247 _MG_6550 _MG_7546 - Version 2 _MG_9760shilling-20 1Mikey Hoeven-30 copy 2lindberg-21 3 4 StAlexius_DrLance 010oban-32-edited Wrigley_Drew_2


In addition to shooting at our studio and on-location, we are able to shoot at Co-Studio, an awesome loft studio we rent by the shoot in downtown Bismarck, ND! Shoots at Co-Studio must be booked before the day of the photo shoot.

hansana-73 hansana-83 hansana-85 hansana-91 kramer-67 kramer-71Hager 2014 Fall Special Photo Shoot-100 Turman-Headshots-17Turman-Headshots-25


On Location

Outside, at your office, downtown, with some trees, or wherever!

askvig-204-edit BSC Student Portraits for Odney - Kat-4 BSC Student Portraits for Odney - Kat-19 BSC Student Portraits for Odney - Kat-27 BSC Student Portraits For Odney - Nicole-27 BSC Student Portraits for Odney - Tyler-10 erichardmeyer 015 modern-eyes-headshots-store-22 Photo Shoot of ND State Senator Tim Flakoll for The Council of State Governments and Capitol Ideas Magazine-13Spaces-Headshots-Retouch-3 schindler-stewart-13 schwieters-3 todaymade 011 copy todaymade 013 copy white 015 copy

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Ryan + Olivia | Bismarck, ND Engagement Photography

Ryan and Olivia are the couple that instantly make you happier when you’re around them. The love that they have for each other is so special and unique. I grew up with Ryan and Olivia and watched their love grow strong.  We ran through the grass, chased dirt trails, talked about the good times, and laughed until it hurt. You might see me shed a few man tears on their wedding day, so be prepared for that. Ryan and Olivia hold a special place in my heart, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to photograph these two becoming husband and wife. Below is part of their engagement session! Enjoy!  -Ben

Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-7 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-27 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-31 copyOlivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-52 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-44 copyOlivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-50 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-56 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-57 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-58 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-62 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-64 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-66 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-72 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-88 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-92 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-96 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-103 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-104 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-106 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-110 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-112 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-113 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-123 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-126 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-128 copy Olivia Uhrich and Ryan Huber's Engagement Photos-130 copy




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David + Shelby | Minneapolis, MN Wedding Photography

Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, MN, is a wonderful wedding venue. David and Shelby had their beautiful wedding there, and we were there to capture it all! They are an amazing couple, and the love that they have for each other is incredible. Here is David + Shelby’s special day! Enjoy!

Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-2 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-4 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-5 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-6 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-7 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-8 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-9 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-11 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-12 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-82 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-102 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-118 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-127 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-128 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-134 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-143 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-144 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-148 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-157 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-164 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-181 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-186 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-201 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-204 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-210 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-216 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-217 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-223 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-232 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-233 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-241 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-246 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-247 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-258 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-271 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-288 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-291 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-305 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-339 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-344 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-363 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-368 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-373 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-400 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-406 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-408 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-411 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-475 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-478 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-485 copySeeberg-McCann Wedding-477 copySeeberg-McCann Wedding-488 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-497 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-567 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-572 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-577 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-582 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-603 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-613 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-631 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-655 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-684 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-685 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-721 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-726 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-763 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-773 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-804 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-806 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-815 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-823 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-831 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-881 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-886 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-887 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-916 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-923 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-927 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-934 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-450 copySeeberg-McCann Wedding-458 copySeeberg-McCann Wedding-447 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-449 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-967 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-984 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-991 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-993 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1000 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1015 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1021 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1050 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1075 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1116 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1128 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1149 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1151 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1182 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1207 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1213 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1332 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1390 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1440 copy Seeberg-McCann Wedding-1484 copy



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